Phone Radiation & SAR Value

About Mobile Phone Radiation

Cellphones emit electromagnetic radiation and are the main source of exposure among other everyday devices (cordless phone DECT, Wi-Fi box, PC, pad, mobile phone, micro-wave oven, Bluetooth, etc.).

Cell phone radiation is a growing concern. The World Health Organization has classified cell phones as possibly carcinogenic to humans, based on the results of studies that have shown an increased risk of brain tumors in people who use mobile devices for long periods of time.

Scientific studies confirming possible or proven danger

Electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones are a source of concern. Many epidemiological studies show an increase of risks (possible or proven) for frequent mobile phone users:

- Brain tumors: gliomas, meningiomas, neuromas (Interphone, CERENAT, OREBRO)
- Diminution de la qualité du sperme
- Increase by 48% of additional risk of miscarriage (Kaiser Permanente Division of Research Oakland)
- Possible acute effects on cognitive functions and well-being of children (ANSES, 2016)

Phone SAR Standards for Users

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the international standard that quantifies the maximum quantity of energy absorbed by your body and head when using a telephone. SAR measurements “in contact with a body” are actually carried out with a separation distance, that does not reflect actual use conditions. That is why mobile phone’s user guides specify that a separation distance between the body and the phone should be kept (between 0.5 cm and 2.5 cm according to a phone model).

In 2017 French Radiofrequency Agency (ANFR) has published its SAR measurements, conducted to control “in contact with a body” conformity of a vast number of mobile phones. As a result, 89% of tested phones exceeded maximum SAR level (> 2 W/kg) and 25% of them have a SAR value exceeding 4 W/kg

In 2011 the WHO has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for brain cancer, associated with wireless phone use


FAZUP as a Phone Radiation Shield

FAZUP eliminates or reduces feelings of discomfort: Say 85% of satisfied users 

Beyond our numerous scientific tests confirming the reduction of mobile radiation, we wanted to understand the impact of this reduction on the well-being of smartphone users. We therefore conducted an independent consumer test on 1000 people, which has shown both impressive and worrying results. 


See consumer reviews ( certified NF Z74-501 
(French standard guaranteeing independence and accuracy of collected reviews).

Statistics on the improvements declared by the testers disappearance or reduction with FAZUP

Scientifically proven effectiveness and patented technology

Reliable and very effective, FAZUP is a revolutionary product resulting from 10 years of intensive research. Globally patented, this new technology created in France produces outstanding results. Its performances have been tested and validated by EMITECH, a French laboratory certified by COFRAC** for the measurement of SAR*. In order to ensure the optimal performance as certified in laboratory conditions, Fazup must be placed in a specific location at the back of your mobile, in accordance with an exclusive placement system which is specific to each compatible mobile phone.

See Video of the Scientific Validation of FAZUP below -