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Radiation from Mobile Phone Usage

We are often over-exposed to mobile phone radiation without being aware of it. Harmful radiation is emitted by mobile phone towards your head when calling and towards our body while carrying it.

Radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices can cause a number of health problems. Excessive smartphone radiation is source of many feelings of discomfort and can be responsible for headaches, tinnitus, sleep disorders, epilepsy and other direct or indirect health disorders. These symptoms may be caused by the electromagnetic fields emitted by these devices or by chemicals in their batteries that leak into your body when you use them.

What is an Anti Radiation Phone Patch

The anti-radiation patch is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to protect your body from the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. It's also an easy way to show others that you care about their health as well!

This product has been tested by independent laboratories using state-of-the art testing methods. The results are published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

FAZUP Anti Radiation Phone Patch

The FAZUP Anti radiation phone patch is a great way to protect your cell phone from harmful radio waves. The patch has been designed with the latest technology and materials, so it will not only help you keep safe but also look good on your clothes or bag. It can be used for all types of phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X etc. You can use this product as often as needed without worrying about damaging your device.

Fazup is an extra slim passive antenna. An innovative product which reduces mobile phone radiations by upto 96%. The only anti-radiation patch with a patented positioning tool for optimal position to reduce exposure.

How does FAZUP Work and how will it Protect?

When placed in the position tailored to your smartphone model, Fazup Antenna will optimally reduce excess radiation. The patch is placed very precisely and accurately on the back of each mobile phone with the help of an exclusive placement tool that is patented.

FAZUP is recommended by general practitioners and its effectiveness is proven in an independent laboratory (Emitech) accredited by the COFRAC. It holds an internationally patented technology and is “made in France”. With a protective case it offers unlimited lifespan.

Key Product Highlights - 

  • Unique specific positioning with millimeter accuracy
  • High radiation protection for peace of mind
  • Patented, scientifically validated and measuring efficiency 
  • Extra Slim Antenna
  • Eliminates hassle of a separate phone case
  • Made in France
  • Sold on Singapore Airlines (KrisShop)

Compatible Phones

FAZUP works with a wide spectrum of phone models ranging from Apple iphone, Samsung to Huawei, Sony and so on. Below is a general list of phones supported 

For more recent mobile phones Download Positioning Guide PDF

Sticker Positioning Guide Video

Livvhealthy is the sole distributor for FAZUP in Singapore. We offer the complete range of product in Single, Duo and a Family pack for 4.


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