This page lists out frequently asked questions for both our products:

  1. Fazup Anti-radiation mobile patch
  2. Purepro Water Ionizer

Fazup Anti-radiation mobile patch FAQs

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to our health?

The effect of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones on our health is a controversial topic that is dividing experts. There is cause for concern as practically everyone owns a mobile phone. With close to 66 million mobile phone users in France alone, and 6 billion in the rest of the world, even a minor harmful health effect could have a major impact.

Whatever the answer, scientific researchers and public authorities around the world agree on one fact: further research is required, especially regarding the potential risk of cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which forms part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified the fields of electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency, including those emitted by mobile phones and cordless telephones, as ‘potentially causing cancer in humans’. This decision came following a close scrutiny of several hundred epidemiological studies on the subject that found a possible link between the use of mobile phones and the presence of certain cancers (for example, there is a greater risk of gliomas linked to the use of a mobile phone for 30 minutes a day over a ten year period).

As a measure of precaution, while awaiting the results of further related research, the Ministry of Health, the ANSES and the INPES have produced guidelines for the safe use of mobile phones.

Why do scientific bodies, public authorities and manufacturers in the field make certain recommendations for the use of your mobile phone?

While waiting for a global consensus from scientific research about the effect of radiation from mobile phones on our health, it is recommended to use certain precautionary measures.

The safety measures that are recommended are as follows:

- use a headset for your mobile phone – this is the most common recommendation given in order to distance the mobile phone from the head when calling. Unfortunately, one can inadvertently expose a different part of the body when carrying the mobile in a pocket, for example. Try to keep the phone as far as possible from your body.
- avoid using the mobile phone while travelling at high speed.
- try to use areas with good mobile phone coverage.
- where possible, try to communicate using texting or email.
- mobile phone manufacturers recommend keeping a distance between the body and the mobile phone.
- obtain mobile phones with the lowest possible SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).
- do not call too often and keep conversations short, especially for children and teenagers.

What is the Fazup technology?

The Fazup patch contains a passive antenna that interacts with the integrated antenna of the mobile phone. Fazup modifies the spectrum of radiation of the mobile phone in order to reduce as much as possible the emission of radiation towards your head when you call, and towards your body when you carry your phone on you (a protective screen). As each mobile phone is conceived differently, the correct positioning of the patch is essential and must be very precise in relation to each model of compatible mobile phone. For this reason, Fazup provides an exclusive system of ‘positioning cases’ which guarantee the optimal protection as validated in laboratory conditions. Unlike other devices, Fazup does not redirect the radiation towards the back of your mobile and does not increase the radiation on other surfaces. For this reason, Fazup can protect without exposing other body zones to radiation, or exposing other persons in your immediate vicinity.

How is Fazup different from other products on the market?

- Fazup is the only protective product able to provide such high reductions in SAR (up to 99%) as validated in a laboratory certified by Cofrac.
- Fazup publishes all the official reports for SAR reduction for every compatible model of mobile phone.
- Fazup has the only scientifically proven technology able to adapt to 13 different models of mobile phone (new ones currently being developed).
- Fazup is transparent about its level of protection.
- Fazup protects you above current standards by providing global expertise (protective cases that are compatible with Fazup and do not raise the SAR of mobile phones; certified reductions in SAR on foreign frequency bandwidth to maintain protection during your travels).
- Fazup provides the best comparative value for money.
- Fazup is easy to use, is extra slim and will not interfere with your current accessories.
- Fazup may be personalized to your taste.
- Fazup is made in France.
- Fazup has a high tech design.
- Fazup is delivered in a premium box including a microfiber non-adhesive wipe that is repositionable in order to clean your mobile phone.

Is Fazup compatible with new mobile phones coming on the market?

Fazup does SAR tests with each new mobile phone within weeks of it being released on the market. Fazup focuses on the most popular new models and will extend very soon its range of compatible mobile phones.

What are the contents of the Fazup box?

There are two types of Fazup boxes: The box distributed in retail outlets contains:

- The Fazup patch.
- A cleaning microfiber wipe for your mobile phone. The wipe is reusable in order to keep your phone screen always impeccably clean.
- A small non-stick silicone utensil that can be used on the ‘sticky’ side of the patch in order to ensure the correct positioning of the patch in the positioning case.
- 6 positioning cases of the Fazup patch that correspond to 13 compatible mobile phones.
- An instruction notice including a placement guide. 

- The box distributed in our online shop is slimmer as it contains only the positioning case that corresponds to your particular mobile phone. The rest of the contents are identical to the retail box.

The box and its contents are entirely recyclable.

Does Fazup interfere with the quality of reception of your mobile phone?

In certain conditions of very poor reception and on mobile phones with weaker network reception, Fazup can slightly reduce reception. The phenomenon is very marginal in comparison to the high protection that Fazup provides on a daily basis. The fact that the impact on reception is so low is actually on the major assets of our technology with regards to the very high level of SAR reduction.

Note that the level of radiation of your mobile phone can vary from 1 to 1000 depending on the levels of reception. One minute of communication in in extremely poor conditions of reception is equivalent to three hours in optimal conditions in terms of electromagnetic emissions.
At times when your mobile phone has little or no reception, it emits at its highest level and Fazup is then most useful. Furthermore, in certain other conditions of mobile phone use, Fazup can increase the quality of reception of your mobile.

Am I obliged to use the positioning case?

Yes. Using the positioning case that corresponds to your mobile phone is essential to guaranteeing you the best protection.

9. Why does the box sold in shops contain several positioning cases?
Including all of the positioning cases within the Fazup box will give you the following advantages:
- An optimal sale price for our customers due to a streamlining of our logistics and stockpiling processes;
- If you replace your mobile phone with another Fazup compatible phone, you may transfer your existing Fazup patch to the new mobile phone using the corresponding positioning case (under condition that your old mobile phone does not have an overly adhesive surface, and that handle the patch with care).
- Benefit from an advantageous rate when buying a family pack, which includes 4 patches in a box , as well as all of the positioning cases.
- Avoiding the stock shortage on certain models of compatible phones.
- Ability to extend Fazup protection to a greater number of customers by allowing the patch to be used on less popular mobile phone brands that could not have been offered on an individual basis.

What is the lifespan of the Fazup patch?

Fazup is made to last! We strongly recommend that you use our compatible mobile phone cases on your mobile phone in order to protect the Fazup patch. Our patches are very resistant however the levels of friction from the daily use of our mobile phones are very high.

You may only need to replace your patch when changing your mobile phone.
Nevertheless, depending on the surface of your mobile phone, it may be possible to peel off the patch and reposition it quite easily (i.e. the Iphone 4/4S has a glazed surface from which the patch can be easily peeled off).

The effectiveness of the Fazup is guaranteed to last as long as the circuit on the patch is not damaged.

Should I continue to use my mobile phone headset?

Yes. Your exposure to the radiation from your mobile phone will be even weaker. If you regularly use your mobile phone headset while keeping your mobile phone on you, your body will be less exposed to the radiation emitted by your mobile phone thanks to Fazup.

Ensure that your mobile phone is placed on you with the screen facing you, as it is the side which emits less radiation, with Fazup.

Purepro Water Ionizer FAQs

How to produce ionized water?

Provide direct current to both poles of the electrolytic cell in which the diaphragm is installed. The movement of electrons gives the water at (+) pole more hydrogen ions, and the (-) pole more oxalic acid ions. These hydrogen and oxalic acid ions activate, and the water with more hydrogen ions and dissolved oxygen becomes acidic, and the water with more oxalic acid ions becomes alkaline. Alkaline ionized water contains much inorganic mineral and becomes drinking water. The acidic ionized water has sterilization effect and can be used for healing skin problems. Acidic ionized water is also compatible with outside of the human body acidity of pH5.5 and it is used as face and body wash for beautiful skin, and hair protection.

The features of alkaline water? 

Micro cluster: Motility improves when the molecular cluster is smaller. Small clusters make it easier to dissolute and excrete waste matter within the body. This fact is important because excess waste matter is the reason for aging and disease. Alkaline ionized water has small clusters with high motility and dissolute, so you excrete waste matter from the body rapidly. 

Abundant active mineral Minerals are also called inorganic matter or mineral matter. There are many kinds of minerals. They are found in animals and vegetables, food and water. These minerals smoothen our living activities and maintain a balance. ; Mineral absorption - Activated form of minerals are much better absorbed in the body.

Good restoration: Controls saprogenic bacteria in organs and increases beneficial bacteria. There are about 100 kinds of bacteria, up to a trillion microorganisms living in the large intestine, and are classified as both beneficial and harmful depending on the bacteria species. Alkaline ionized water controls the saprogenic bacteria to prevent disease. Alkaline ionized water is the only water that can restore and help beneficial bacteria in the body.

Eliminates active oxygen: Active oxygen is oxygen that easily bonds or combines with surrounding substances. Active oxygen is unstable and therefore has with fewer electrons. The active oxygen possesses higher oxidizing power, and is related directly to aging and disease.

Abundant hexagonal water: Water molecules consist of 13 ~ 15 molecules. Hexagonal water, water clustered with 6 water molecules, is the most stable and natural to the human body. One human body cell molecule is connected to about 70,000, 60~65% of them are hexagonal water molecules. The body favors this kind of water. The cell that suffers with diseases has less hexagonal water.

- Lower the temperature of water like iced water.
- Electrolyze water with abundant mineral.
- Go through magnetic treatment.

 What is pH? 

1) Acidity and alkalinity

pH= the unit that indicates the density of acid and alkaline in water.
Water becomes acidic with increased oxalic acid, and alkaline with increased hydrogen ions. The measuring unit of acidity and alkalinity is indicated by pH values, e.g., pH 7 is considered neutral. Each numerical increment indicates 10 times more hydrogen ions or oxalic acid. For example, an increase of 1 in a pH table means 10 times more alkalinity. A decrease of 1 means 10 times more acidity.

2) Maintaining pH balance

The human body tends to maintain body fluid at pH7.3 according to the homeostasis function. The body tries to maintain the balance of each organ with alkaline body fluid of pH8.8 from the pancreases as the peak. However, consistent acidic constitution will result in lowering one's self-protection function in the body. Even though there is no visible sign of disease, alkaline water drinking will support the body with homeostasis functions. Alkaline water drinking also prevents geriatric disease because it defends the body against acidification of the physical constitution.

Where are Water Ionizers currently manufactured?

Water Ionizers are manufactured in two countries, Japan and Taiwan. None are currently manufactured in the United States. There are water ionizers on the market being sold as American Made, however all their parts are imported from Japan, sometimes Taiwan, and simply assembled in the US.

How long have Water Ionizers been on Market?

Water Ionizers have been available in the orient for over forty years and in the United States for about 10 years. They were popularized in Japanese and began to become somewhat common there around the mid 1980's. Several Japanese models imported in recent years from Japan are no longer being manufactured although getting filters for those units usually does not pose a significant problem, although they can sometimes be costly. 

Why do different Water Ionizers come with a different selection levels of intensity? 

A Water Ionizer should have at least 3 levels of intensity to chose from. This is mainly because Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying and people who have toxins built up in their system can suffer reactions such as headaches or diarrhea. This is especially true of the elderly because they often have built up many toxins in their bodies over the years. Also those who have a very poor diet or have taken a lot of medicine. Having 4 levels simply offers the convenience of more levels of strength to chose from, thus allowing people to build their tolerance for Ionized Water more slowly if they wish.

Does the volume of water that a Water Ionizer produces per minute an important feature to consider? Are some Water Ionizers on the market stronger than other Water Ionizers?

All home Water Ionizers currently manufactured that deliver approximately 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per minute. There is very little difference between the strength of the various Water Ionizers on the market. Ionized Water with a 10 pH or higher takes only a unflattering taste, almost as though it is salty. The slower you run water through a Water Ionizer, the stronger it will become because the source water has more contact time with the electrodes. This is why the flow rate of Water Ionizers essentially does not matter. If you wish to drink strong Ionized Water then running the source water through it very slowly will accomplish this. 

 Does it matter what the electrodes on a Water Ionizer are composed of?

The electrodes are one of the most important components of a Water Ionizer. It is sometimes suggested that there are units on the market that have stainless steel electrodes and this simply is not the case. All Water Ionizers currently manufactured have titanium electrodes that have been dipped in platinum, which is one of the biggest cost of a Water Ionizer. It is important to note that the electrodes are coated with platinum, not electroplated with it.
There have been claims made by water ionizer manufacturers that they use solid platinum electrodes. Is this true?

This can not be true because it would not aid in the performance of the water ionizer. Water Ionizer manufacturers use titanium because it is hard and lasts many years. They coat the titanium with platinum because it is good conductor and it durable. However, to manufacture electrodes that are solid platinum would make no sense. It would be very costly, nearly tripling the prices of the electrodes, and it would not improve the quality or strength of the Ionized Water produced by them. Platinum is also a very soft metal, which would not be suitable or practical for producing platinum-pure electrodes since they must be comprised of a hard metal such as titanium if they are expected to last several years. Electrodes comprised of pure platinum would not last any longer than platinum-coated titanium electrodes.

Do all Water Ionizers have a carbon filter? Why do some carbon filter have silver impregnation?

All continuous flow Home Water Ionizers on the market have a carbon filter. The carbon in the filter is silver impregnated in order to retard bacterial growth. The silver that is impregnated in the carbon will NOT leach into the water. Every major manufacturer of carbon filters in the US produces carbon filters with silver impregnation. There are no Water Ionizers currently manufactured that use arsenic in their filters as has been suggested.

What is the advantage of having UV light on a Water Ionizer?

The purpose of UV light is for bacterial disinfection. However, on a Water Ionizer this is completely unnecessary for several reasons. If you have city (municipal) water then your water has already been disinfected through the use of chlorine. The carbon filter on the Water Ionizer will remove the chlorine. The UV light itself loses much of its effectiveness after the first six months of use and should be replaced often, which is of course an expensive proposition. Also, the glass tube that the water travels through in order that it can be exposed to the UV light develops a film on it after only a few months, which greatly lessens the effectiveness of the UV light on the water which passes through the tube.